Saint Louis History Highlight - 14 N Newstead was once a Police Station

12-14 North Newstead in the Central West End, formerly known as the 11th District Police Station, was finished in 1905 and used by the St. Louis Police Department for 57 years when the district was combined with the 9th Police District. This precinct had a brief but fascinating connection to the infamous Bobby Greenlease kidnapping of 1953. The kidnapper Carl Austin Hall was arrested with over $600,000 in ransom money paid by Bobby's wealthy parents, and brought to the police station at 12-14 N. Newstead, with the cash stuffed suitcases.

The FBI determined that the suitcases with Greenlease's ransom money were never delivered to the police station at 14 Newstead as testified by arresting officers Lieutenant Louis Ira Shoulders and Patrolman Elmer Dolan. Both St. Louis police officers were later federally indicted for perjury. Only $288,000 of the ransom money was recovered. The missing $312,000 remains a subject of wide speculation. 

This old police station sat vacant for approximately five years after being closed in 1962, until local artist Howard Jones and his wife Helen bought the building and turned it into their home. It was then used as a home and office by Matt and Denise Piskulic of VIP Graphics until approximately 2000. 

Rothschild Development purchased 14 N Newstead in 2001, and since then, it's been home to numerous tenants that include the nonprofit United4Children, various creative firms, and artists.

Currently, the first floor is available to locate your business in. This area is over 5,700 square feet and contains original walnut ceiling molding. Find out more info and recent pictures here, and contact Claire to schedule a showing. 

14 N Newstead police station in the early 1920s

14 N Newstead in the early 1920s


Newstead police station now

14 N. Newstead in 2017


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