Meet Red Brick, a company as eclectic as the spaces we rent.

Our mission is beautification through renovation. 

A recycler of historic architecture for more than 40 years, we’re inspired by the masonry buildings that call our city "home" and placed St. Louis at the forefront of urban development in decades past. We believe in classic neighborhoods – walkable streets with sidewalk cafes and boutique shopping, the places that give a city its charm and character.

We design our renovated spaces to be both classic and contemporary, with the resulting contrast enhancing both elements. In starting a renovation, we listen closely to the story the building tells and then echo that tale with our restoration. This is our way of ensuring that the space retains the charm of the past while adding modern amenities and sophistication.

Our goal is to continue renewing St. Louis' best and most prominent buildings – offering the best selection of spaces across the city in the neighborhoods in which you want to be.


Andrea Stephans - Area Manager, Soulard and Benton Park

314.361.7067 x 118

Favorite Weekend Spot: Hopefully I’m trying a great new restaurant, but old favorites are Wildflower and Kampai for sushi. During the summer, I pool hop as much as possible!

Favorite STL Community Event: I’m a resident of Dogtown, so I look forward to St. Patrick’s Day every year! So many people turn out and it’s a great party, rain or shine. But nothing really beats Red October!

Angie Hickey - President of Property Management

314.361.7067 x 122

Favorite Weekend Spot: My favorite go-to weekend spot is Guido’s in The Hill – everyone is super nice and we love the pizza and wine!  Gamlin Whiskey House and Subzero Vodka Bar also make the cut – the atmosphere, drinks and food at both of these spots in the CWE can’t be beat!

Favorite STL Community Event: The St. Patrick's Day Parade and Run is a fun event for all ages in the STL area!

Chrysta Childers - Maintenance Coordinator

314.361.7067 x 114

Favorite Weekend Spot: I love going to the Soulard farmer's market on Saturday's as well as the many bars/restuarants Soulard has to offer. My band and I play many events in the spring and summer seasons, so I spend my weekends doing that in those seasons!

Favorite STL Community Event: My favorite event is by far Mardi Gras! I live in Soulard, so I'm right in the middle of all of it each year. It's a fun event and one of the many that STL has to offer.

Claire Leindecker - Commercial Leasing Manager

314.361.7067 x 133

Favorite Weekend Spot: Dinner at Taste in the Central West End -  they have the best burgers!  I also hit up Brennan’s for some after dinner drinks.  I love the ambiance and convenient location.

Favorite STL Community Event: The Soulard Pet Parade.

Erica Foster - Downtown Property Manager

314.361.7067 x 145

Favorite Weekend Spot: I love going skating, bowling and to the movies on Saturdays with my family.  I also enjoy going to the Moonrise Rooftop with my husband to experience the awesome atmosphere, food and drinks.

Favorite STL Community Event: Every year my family and I enjoy the Great Forest Park Balloon Race and Fair St. Louis. Perfect events for the entire family!

Holly Kincaid - Project Manager 

314.361.7067 x 131

Favorite Weekend Spot: We have a home that my husband and I are renovating in Illinois and are working on making it our castle. We also have 2 dogs and a cat that keep us very entertained. During the week, I often enjoy lunch at Mission Taco in the CWE with the Red Brick team!

Favorite STL Community Event: Being fairly new and only moving here 2 years ago, I haven't yet experienced all St. Louis has to offer. There are so many things to do it could possibly take years before I find my favorite event!

Jessica Prose - Soulard Leasing Consultant 


Favorite Weekend Spot: What can I say? I am a true “Islander”. (That’s the nickname for those who live, hang out, and for me, even work in Soulard.) I love bouncing around to the different outdoor patios at Hammerstones, Joanie’s, McGurk’s, and most nights just mine or a neighbors’. Champ, my dog, and I also love just walking around the neighborhood and visiting local parks like Cardonelet and Forest Park. Now if only he were a better walker…

Favorite STL Community Event: Hands down Whitaker Music Festival at the Missouri Botanical Gardens! It’s incredibly beautiful, FREE, and jam-packed with wonderful music every year. I am forever excited for summertime! I can’t get enough of it!!!

Kristin Robbins - CWE Property Manager

314.361.7067 x 150

Favorite Weekend Spot: I love to spend time with my family and friends on the weekends.  Being a single mom to a 16 year old keeps my weekends busy!  My friends and I frequently go bowling, out to eat, swimming in the summer or just hang out at the local tavern.  I’m always game for new and exciting adventures!

Favorite STL community event: St. Patrick’s Day Parade without a doubt!

Melanie Reeves - Property Manager

314.361.7067 x 124

Favorite Weekend Spot: Forest Park Art Hill is my favorite weekend spot! The St. Louis Art Museum puts on a lot of great events here!

Favorite STL Community Event: As I mentioned above, I love the St. Louis Art Museum! Therefore, I love attending many of the events they put on throughout the year. 

Michelle Murphy - Residential Leasing Manager

314.361.7067 x 146

Favorite Weekend Spot: The golf course, Forest Park, my firepit at home or anywhere outdoors. St. Louis is lucky to have so many unique restaurants. As a fan of Vietnamese food, Little Saigon and Lemongrass are two of my favorites.

Favorite STL Community Event: The Maplewood Coffee Crawl. I love a good cup of coffee and supporting local coffee shops. Also, The Dogtown St. Patrick’s Day parade in my neighborhood is my favorite event of the year.

Rebecca Brooks - Office Administrator

314.361.7067 x 110

Favorite Weekend Spot: I love going to the Improv Shop in the Central West End! They have great, cheap shows and an awesome bar.  

Favorite STL Community Event: I'm a huge music fan, so I look forward to LouFest every year, and the Festival of Nations in Tower Grove Park is always a fun time!